What is MyRoots Superfoods?

Visiting remote areas of the country with my father, I have experienced the profound observation,  knowledge and respect that Peruvian men and women have for their roots, the  plants, the land, the seasons and all living beings.  I believe these qualities helped our ancestors to isolate and cultivate the best of the best.  Through this respectful collaboration between nature and the roots of the Peruvian farming civilization, superfoods began to evolve.  With respect and passion, we at MyRoots Superfoods try to capture our agricultural ancestor's love, knowledge and respect for the land and its fruits. Like my father, we  travel throughout the country, directly to the source to offer you superfoods in their purest form.  Through our roots, you are invited to explore and reinforce your own roots, and create the best and healthiest expression of you. 
From the plants’ roots, to the roots of an entire civilization from MyRoots to your roots.

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