Gelatinized Quinoa Powder (Easy to Digest)


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Our Quinoa Powder is gelatinized. The starches are removed from the product with light heat to break the cellular walls of the starch molecules. We offer another choice for people concerned about digestive system. *Best before date: 15 DEC 2023

100% Organic Quinoa Powder (Easy to Digest Formulation) 

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Net:  250g

MyRoots Gelatinized Quinoa Powder is USDA Organic (100%), EU Organic, NSF HACCP and HALAL Certified 

Quinoa, an Andean food consumed with a history of 5,800years.  The Incas held the crop to be sacred. Referred to it as "mother of all grains".   They believed it helped to boost the stamina of their warriors. MyRoots Gelatinized Quinoa Powder provides a choice for people concerned about digestive system.  During the production of gelatinized product, the superfood itself is put under pressure and light heat. This type of processing removes  starches from the plant, making it easier to digest. Gelatinization removes some of the nutrients present in the raw powder, but it also makes the remaining nutrients more concentrated and bioavailable.  MyRoots Gelatinized Quinoa Powder is suitable for elderly and baby, it is gluten-free and provides the all-rounded nutrition.

Quinoa was certified by the United Nations and declared 2013 as the “International Year of Quinoa”.  It is recommended by NASA as a complete food for its high nutritional value. The US Department of Agriculture has cited quinoa as one of the most important foods for fighting malnutrition and hunger.  This “True Gold of the Andes” is gluten-free, has twice the amount of proteins than any other cereal and is rich in fiber. 

Originally from the Andean Plateau of Peru, quinoa is now also grown in China, India, the Netherlands and the US among others. Taken out of its natural habitat, this Andean grain loses some of its nutrients.  MyRoots Gelatinized Quinoa Powder is grown at 4,000M in the Andean Mountains in Peru where it keeps all of its nutritional values.


1.       Very High in Protein, with All the Essential Amino Acids

2.       Suitable for people concerned about blood sugar and blood pressure

3.       Rich in Minerals

4.      Rich in Omega 3 & 6


Our Specialty:

  • 0% Saponins

In Quinoa natural state, the seeds have a coating which contains bitter-tasting saponins, making them unpalatable, our quinoa has 0% of Saponins

  • Easier Digestion

Our Quinoa is gelatinized.  The starches are removed from the product with light heat to break the cellular walls of the starch molecules.  We offer another choice for people concerned about digestive system

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