Hearty Flakes® Organic Purple Corn, Quinoa, Yacon and Cacao Flakes


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Hearty Flakes® *Best before date: 30 DEC 2024

Hearty Flakes®

This is not only an organic cereal, Hearty Flakes is a great tasting, highly nutritious, high quality organic cereal with quinoa, cacao nibs, yacon and, of course, purple corn. You can try it with almond milk or natural yogurt.

This award-winning Hearty Flakes offers you a way to enjoy healthy breakfast. You can also try our organic Hearty Flakes straight from the bag, it is a healthy snack!


The main ingredient of Hearty Flakes is purple corn that contains special anthocyanins (cyanidin-3-b-glucose). These are a type of complex flavonoid that produces purple colors. Hearty Flakes also have Quinoa, an Andean food consumed since prehispanic cultures, certified by the FAO and recommended by NASA as a complete food for its high nutritional content. You will love this organic product because it contains yacon, an ancestral tuber with a sweet taste from sugars, especially FOS. This cereal is perfect for breakfast because it has cacao that enhances the effectiveness of other minerals and nutrients in the body for a healthier life.

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