Roasted Sacha Inchi


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100% Organic Roasted Sacha Inchi

100% Organic Roasted Sacha Inchi

Net: 100g

MyRoots Roasted Sacha Inchi is USDA Organic (100%), EU Organic and HALAL Certified 

Sacha Inchi is the “Seed of the Peruvian Amazon”.  These seeds contain the highest concentration of Omega 3 of any known plants and 14 times more than salmon.  You consume high amount of Omega 3 without having fishy aftertaste compared to fish oil. The seeds also provide a complete source of protein, 26% by weight and vitamins like Vitamin A & E.  It,antioxidants seeds, is an natural anti-aging and anti-inflammatory snack for your daily life. 

You will love MyRoots Sacha Inchi because of its great flavour and surprising health benefits.  It is also the best choice for vegetarians and vegans, simply take it as snack or add into your foods to increase the protein and DHA intake.


1. Rich in Omega

2. Aid in maintaining the health of cardiovascular system

3. Great for Vegetarian Diets 

4. Improve memory and concentration

5. Well Being

6. Helps build and repair body tissues

7. Slimming 

8. Anti-Aging: Skin and Hair Health

9. May help to improve bone density

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